You Question. We Answer.

We had a slew of questions come in the past few weeks, and here they are, all bundled together in a nice little package.

V+R, Long time follower, first time asker. I am headed out to the woods for a summer job and will be without my partner and the internet for months! But there will be electricity and therefore, porn! Other than Camille Crimson, recommendations?

Whoa! What a difficult blow you've been served! Unless, of course, you WANT to go to the woods for the summer with no partner or internet. In which case, right on! Luckily, Camille's DVD is out very soon (anyone know if it's been released officially yet?). We're also big fans of Erika Lust and the stuff being produced at Blue Artichoke. Take a look into both of those and see if anything whets your appetite.

And when you return, who knows, you might have some new treats from yours truly...

Do you squirt? If you do, how much can you (like how far does it go/how many cups) and what gets you in that state. Detailed answers please.

Detailed answers are SUPER easy here, because no, I am sadly unable to squirt. It's the one superpower I lack in the bedroom. Though being able to come, many times over, from penetration alone is a pretty good trade-off. But it certainly doesn't mean we're not practicing frequently.

Two questions. 1) What percentage of your friends are into pegging? 2) Did either of you have experience with female on male assplay before your marriage?

1) No idea. We've only really discussed it with a few people. Most of them are people that know about the blog, and most of them have never tried it. Though pretty much all have said they would. One other friend that doesn't know about the blog mentioned it once and he's stated that he's not into it. So that percentage isn't too high.

2) Not a ton. My ex fingered my ass a few times (but eventually refused, she thought assplay was gross), while Violet definitely did her share of fingering and a handful of rimjobs. But that was the full extent of the exploration.

Rye - When V sleeps naked, do you jerk off looking at her sleeping? Has she ever woken up and caught you?

When V sleeps naked, which is quite frequent, it's typically a sign that she's in the mood to fuck. I do, however, occasionally jerk off next to her if she dozes off before I do. And in the cases where she's woken up, it typically results in either a helping hand or a helping cunt.

How does one dress up in lingerie for your significant other, making it a surprise and not silly? He works full time, so by the time he's home, it's dinner, then bed (he and I are usually tired). I work part time, and more often than not, on the weekends.

A fine question! Differing work schedules can be tough, but whenever we've dealt with such things, we always try to keep in mind that we have lives outside of the job. And that life is far more important to us than the job will ever be. So we try to make sure we get out and enjoy life, not just on the weekends or days off, but weeknights too, because life is too fucking short.

If the jobs are incredibly grueling, then sure, easy to believe you're too tired at the end of the day. And that's okay too. But how about just greeting him after a long day in some lingerie? Maybe prepare that dinner in it? He won't find it silly, TRUST. In fact, you might skip dinner all together that night.

Spontaneity is the spark that keeps things interesting, so break things up a bit and get slutty with it!

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