About Anal.

We dated for over three years, were friends for more than five and never once did I bend her over and take her ass. Allow me to explain.

While it's been made pretty clear that my wife is an eager slut that will and did fuck anything she deemed suitable for consumption, there was always that one thing she was saving. The black cherry.

Sure, you can tongue it and dart a finger in to get her over the cliff, but keep that cock away from her little hole. And don't get me wrong, this is not to say she was afraid of it. Not in the slightest.

If you learn anything about my wife here, know that she is as open as it comes. So that was never the issue. As funny as it sounds, the issue was one of romance. That's right. If anal was ever romantic, it was with her. She decided early on that she wouldn't give her ass up to just anyone, and her husband (or bride) would be the one to finally take it.

In her wild youth, she was engaged to a man that would beg her to give up the ass. But she never caved. A ring on that shit was never enough. She held strong through one night stands, flings, relationships and casual friend-sex. Until I came along.

It was mere months before the wedding. We had been together over three years, and despite my constant testing of her anal boundaries, she never once opened that hole to me. I fucked her asscheeks once, but I was allowed nowhere near the entryway.

However, for some reason, on that night less than 10 weeks from the wedding, she took me in. At first, it was just the tip, just to see how it felt.

But clearly, that never works. It was a matter of minutes before she leaned in and whispered, "Come on."

I did. Greedily.

Not roughly, mind you. I was gentle. Slow.

I fingered her sopping pussy while she ran a bullet over her clit.

Eventually, she needed it harder. I gave. It started to overtake her.

In waves. In bursts. In spasms.

Until, before I knew it, her ass was clenched, writhing in spasms as her pussy rolled like the stormy Atlantic, overtaking her and forcing guttural, whimpering, ear piercing screams from her throat. I came inside, filling her with my thick streams. We both collapsed.

We spent the rest of the evening watching my juices drip from her, laughing at how overwhelmingly good that was. And me, like a startstuck teen, thanking her for so taking me off my guard and trusting me to give it to her.


  1. that could be my favorite sexual photo of all time. JUST FANTASTIC

  2. Which one are we talking? The wife CANNOT get over the middle one.

  3. My husband is well endowed - about 8 inches and quite wide etc would love to be buggered - but would it cause injury?
    I let someone put just the tip of their cock in when I was 16 and although nice - I did bleed a little every time I did a bowel movement for a few days...

  4. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your early, shitty (no pun intended) experiences!

    Did you use lube that first time? I'm quite tiny and Rye has a good 7" cock. We do just fine. Make sure you're aroused. And relaxed. And have come a few times already. Then, assuming you worked your way up with some plugs and maybe a small dildo or two, have at it.

    Start slow. Use LOTS of lube. If you need more, lay it on thick. And then GO SLOW. Get used to the sensations. Go slower. Let it just wash over you. And when you're ready for more, have him build up.

    Certainly, there's no expectation to slam down on his cock or have him ride you like a bull on your first go round. Save that for the second. Or third. For now, take him in slow and communicate!


  5. Cool! No, I don't think I knew what lube was in those days...
    Thankyou for taking the time to answer. That sounds like good practical advice. Sx

  6. Quite happy to chime in with some helpful words. Best of luck with your next adventure! Hopefully it's MUCH better this go round.