First Up.

As we've mentioned previously, the idea of this little blog came up while reading The Secretive Slut.

Specifically, we were reading up on this piece about having a rough sex "hit list". The idea behind this list is that perhaps in the heat of the moment, one of us will think the other is into something particularly rough (fingers in the ass, biting, hair pulling, cock choking) though in reality, it might not be true. So this list will let the other person what you like when it's rough so that next time, they'll do it without hesitation.

Of course, there are certain rough preferences we know the other one enjoys. For instance, she enjoys a spanking, progressively harder and more frequent until she comes, or a finger in the ass (actually, true for both of us). And we're happy to oblige. But what else have we not done to one another?

So clearly, this spoke to us. As something that would not only be educational, but hot. And an activity that we could do in our free time, on trains, in cabs, at work and out with each other. To add some additional spice, we also chose to add to this list any fantasies we may currently have. Though not all, we don't want to dump all of them at once.

Shortly, you'll see these "hit lists", which we chose to post as our first pieces for this blog. And when you do see them, (and here's the fun part) it'll be the first time that we'll be seeing the other person's.

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