About Face.

I'm late to the game here, I'll be the first to admit.

I'm a liberal. Bleeding heart. I'm uncomfortable at strip clubs (would rather buy them a sandwich than shove dollars in their panties), I stopped watching mainstream porn long ago and I'm all about giving women as much pleasure as they can take.

But lately, I've shocked myself a bit. I love coming on my wife's face. LOVE.

Now don't get me wrong, she was never forbidding this from happening. In fact, she always kinda wondered why I didn't. But for the past three years, not a drop of me touched that gorgeous face. However, we've been together about three and a half. And that half year has made all the difference.

My experience with coming on people has been touch and go. In high school, I had drunken hook-ups with girls that, while not gushing with desire for it, were certainly okay when it happened. But then I found myself in a more serious, and much longer relationship throughout college. And let me tell you, my spunk was to go nowhere near her.

For real. I came on her stomach one time and tears were shed. I shit you not.

I'll tell you what, that'll damage a dude's psyche. So it's not surprising that I've held back ever since.

Inside women, sure. Mouth, pussy, ass, all good. Hell, I even started coming on my now wife's pussy, ass, back and tits. But face? No sir.

Cut to a few months ago, that stopped. She requested I try. So one day in the shower (yes, shower, I wanted her to be able to clean it right off, get it out of her hair, all that good stuff), I dropped a load on it. On that big, broad smile. No tears. Not a peep, really, other than a satisfied moan.

That wasn't so bad...

These past few months, her face has been a moving target. Hell, the other night she refused to clean her face, telling me she was wearing me to a party so I would think about how hard I'd fucked her.

No tears indeed.

A guy could get used to this.

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