His Hit List.

I love it when you objectify me. Making me jerk off as you watch from the other room, telling me to put a plug in my asshole while I watch you wreck yourself, treating me like the pervert that I am.

Talk dirty. We both know you already do, but I need more. And dirtier. Tell me what you want in the most graphic terms imaginable. Yell out your fantasies while we're fucking, as wild as you can get. Act like the slut that I call you.

I love when you shove me around as I give you head. While my mouth is on you, control me. Push me to where you want me, pull my hair and get what you need from me. Treat me like a sex toy and let me know it's your pussy that's in control.

Treat my asshole and balls like they're yours. Play with them, tug on them, more than you think you can, I want it rough. And my asshole wants your tongue and fingers on and in it at all times. I'll let you know when it's off the table, but otherwise, it's your ass to ravage. Shove a plug in me, a prostate vibrator, or just reach a finger in and take control of me.

When we're out, there should be more grabbing of cock, slipping of fingers in places, hands reaching up skirts, pussy juices tasted and general cocktease going down. It'll make our errands shorter and parties a bit more exciting. And when we get home (if we don't fuck each other while we're out) your clothes aren't likely to stay on once you step through the door. You'll be lucky if my finger isn't in your wet pussy as we climb the stairs.

Fuck me with a strap-on. I want you to feel what it's like to penetrate me and I need you thrusting into my ass. You'll tell me what to do, how you want me and I'll obey every command. Fuck me from behind, make me sit on your dildo, put my ankles behind my ears and plow me.

I want you to research the next addition to our toy collection. I want you to find what you need, and either go pick it up yourself or make me go with you to get it. It can be for one or both of us, but it's yours for the choosing.

Speaking of toys, I want you to pick out the strap-on that you'll be fucking me with. Given your deep understanding and love of cock, who better to find what's needed for my tight asshole than you?

I want to wake up in the morning and find my dick in your mouth. Simple as that.

After I fuck you and fill you up, make me pull out and eat my cum from your wrecked pussy.

That's all for now. But as you may have picked up on from my list, I want nothing more than for you to be the amazing, loving, sweet and darkly funny woman you are. But a complete and total cum slut in the bedroom. Be my whore and I'll be your hard cock and warm, wet, firm tongue.

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  1. Great stuff!
    God,I'm moist with pre cum!