Lately, I've taken it upon myself to make Violet squirt. It's a noble effort really, and a case where the practice alone is worth it.

I usually kick things off by eating her pussy (it's maybe my favorite pastime, for real). She'll come really hard, and after a few moments of rest, I'll go right back at it. This time, I throw in some tongue fucking, pushing her legs back and pulling that pussy tight, with with plenty of access to fill her hole with my tongue. Maybe attack her asshole while I'm at it. I'll get her worked up enough to fuck my face, grinding away and groaning through number two.

From here, we go different places. Sometimes I finger her furiously, pressing on her g-spot as a slender plug fills her ass. Or fuck her doggy, pure pleasure mixed with a touch of pain, my cock filling her to the brim. Still, she begs for more.

The other night, however, she hopped on top. Reverse cowgirl. And fucked my brains out. Grabbing the headboard, she rhythmically crashed down on me, churning the cum right out of me. I'm such a sucker for that plump ass, I'll never last long if I'm watching it slide, slam, and pulsating, like waves crashing down over my cock.

Tired, she collapsed backward, lying on my chest, back first.

I, being the fucking champ that I am, managed to stay hard. And then it was on. I spread her legs and went at her, not satisfied until she blew. With my hard cock rubbing right on the g-spot, it became an overwhelming sensation for her, but I refused to let up. Number three came and I felt a LOT more liquid than usual. (She still claims it was me pouring out of her.)

But when number four arrived, followed by a tiny spray felt on my balls, along with a brand spanking new puddle on my stomach, I knew we'd pulled into squirt town. (She wasn't so sure.)

I wanted to overtake her again, forcing her to number five, pulling out my cock this time to see just what was erupting from within her. But she couldn't take it, instead making me roll her onto her stomach and unload my own second place finish all over her ass. I happily fulfilled the request.

So did she or didn't she?

(She thinks it didn't happen, though the orgasms were certainly more intense.) And clearly, I think it did.

So where do we go from here?

Where else, really? Practice makes perfect.

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