Not a Bad Way to Start.

As you can see from our last two posts, we put up our hit lists this weekend. And the first sentences were the same. Which is shocking. And embarrassing. And pretty fucking hot.

We told one another that this is not the definitive list of rough sex. Or fantasies. But merely a place to start. And start we have. So far the writing on this blog has made us even more eager to make the other cum. Take, for instance, this weekend.

After reading the lists, we attacked each other. First a ferocious fuck in bed. She tried to tease me, holding me off from slamming my rock hard pole into her. For a while, it worked. I ate her pussy, flicking her clit gently and throwing her ankles behind her back, rocking her body as I fucked her wet, salty/sweet day-old hole with my tongue. Before long, she coaxed me inside of her, but still attempted to play coy. I took over, pinning her down as I plowed into her, making her scream in delight, splashing my cum deep inside her.

Satisfied and still wanting more, I took her to the shower, making her shave her pussy for me before coming back to bed. We scrubbed each others cunt, cock, balls and assholes, making sure they were ready for all access fucking.


She met me in bed, where I tied her up, blindfolded her and stuffed her full of toys and assorted surprises, starting with a small eggplant we picked up at the Farmers Market. Strangely enough, I told her last weekend that as she shopped for the eggplant, looking several over before selecting a few, that I imagined she was thinking about which would best service her pussy. She laughed then, yet sure enough, it fit in nice and snug, curving impressively toward her G-spot.

Once I ruined the eggplant, I filled her asshole with our new four-bead butt plug and slammed a G-spot toy into her hot, wet cunt. As I fucked her silly with the toys, I sat on her chest and made her gag on my cock. Not a hole left to fill. I teased her for what felt like an hour, giving her too much pleasure and then pulling back, jamming my cock to her tonsils, then sliding out. Finally, I let her get what she was begging for and as she came, I jerked off and unloaded all over her face.

Coming down from her peak, I untied her, cleaning her off as she smirked at her slutty behavior, licking the cum from her cheeks, flush with fever.

Several minutes later, as I started to nap, she pulled out her vibrator and attacked her pussy again, coming for a third or fourth time that afternoon. Clearly, this decision to indulge her hungry hole left me wanting more. So I grabbed the lube and got my cock slippery as she pushed my legs back and greedily ate my asshole. I was a goner in mere minutes.

Certainly not a bad way to kick this puppy off. Here's to many more inspiring posts from this here blog.

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