Don't Forget to Fuck.

The most important advice I got before our wedding-planning process. There were lots of other tidbits; breathing is good, things will go wrong and that's okay, but the single greatest piece of advice for the months leading up to our wedding was this simple - Don't. Forget. To fuck.

I felt like I needed to chime in after this surreal day. Let me tell you guys, there is nothing less sexy than seeing two immature, unprepared, selfish people get married for what I can only imagine to be the wrong reasons. And it's going to take some serious naked time to get me out of this funk.

But the post-sad-wedding depression that Rye mentioned really got me to thinking about that advice and how true it is. Not just for wedding planning, not just for newly wedded bliss, but for real fucking life. Don't forget to fuck.

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It sounds so simple. But isn't that really the point? Is the reason you saw that man or woman across the room and were instantly drawn to them because they looked like they'd take you on a shopping spree? Or be a security blanket? Maybe. And maybe that's okay for you. But for me, it was because I wanted him to put his mouth on my body.

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It was because his was the face I rubbed my clit to late at night before I could have him. Because I wanted him to rip my clothes off every time I saw him. Because I spent a few years wondering what it would feel like to have his stubbly face buried deep between my legs, what his mouth would taste like and how to make his knees wobble. 

Fucking is about so many things. It's about coming, yes, but also about how good it feels to have your skin on his skin. And it's about learning to ask for what you want. And learning to be generous. And learning the joy of making someone you love scream out, "Dear fucking God - do not stop!"

And guys, now that I have him, accessible, naked at request, in my bed? I will never forget to fuck.

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