The Pic Friday Special: Anal.

As some of you know already, I am a fan of anal. Big fan. It helps that my wife has an ass I could live in.

Seriously. it's a stunner. A shelf. Thick, delicious, tight and one hell of a cushion.

When she finally gave it up, it was oddly romantic, gentle, hot and tighter than I ever could have dreamed of. Better yet, the slut loved it. She came HARD on my cock, her inner walls tightening and sucking me deep inside, coaxing the contents of my balls into her craving hole. I filled her to the brim. And as I slid out, shaking from the nutrient loss, I spilled from her.

Thick, creamy, slow. One long, hot stream of snow white cum.

It's because of this, I dedicate Friday's post to the ass and the many ways in which I love to fill it.

See you soon, perverts!


  1. Great pics - are any of Violet?

  2. None of me in this round, but you can bet Rye's already plotting some for the next round. - Violet