Admission time. I want to fuck underwater.

Yes, weirdly enough, it's something I've never been involved in. When Violet and I first started dating, I fingered her to a screaming (she had to stick her face underwater) orgasm in her apartment complex hot tub. Sure, thinking back on it, it was a bit filthy.

But it was also fucking hot.

So hot that we went back to her room and fucked in her bed. And then as I got up to get a glass of water, she followed me into the kitchen and forced me to take her from behind, leaning onto the kitchen counter and trying to contain her explosion so as not to wake the roommate sleeping in her room, ten feet from us.

That one pops up with great frequency as I abuse myself in the morning, those days that Violet's at work and can't lean her ass into me, pulling me in.

Since then, there have been other water experiments. She once barged into the bathroom as I soaked in the jacuzzi at my parent's house while on a visit. The slut undressed and came right in, sitting on me reverse cowgirl. Starting slow and building to a furious fuck session, water sloshed and surged from the tub, making a huge mess as she bucked to a hot, greedy finish, her pussy all but slurping up my contents.

Sadly, the next (and last) time was a few summers ago, while on a beach vacation. We were swimmingly closely together in the ocean, talking as the sun set behind us. I pulled her close to me, my hands on the small of her back as she tread water. I, being the giant that I am, stood on the damp, cool sand and unleashed my cock, to her delighted surprise. I pushed into her and she slid her bikini bottom off, rubbing her clit against my hard tip.

I came close to fucking her then, but with so many people on the beach, staring out at sunset, a pair of youngsters splashing about, clearly fucking one another, would have made for an obvious display. We stopped and she swam to shore while I waited for my rock hard cock to chill out. I don't recall the rest of that evening, but I'm sure it involved plenty of fluids.

I'm sorry to say that concludes my underwater experience.

When I was a teen, I used to have a fetish, searching frantically for videos of couples fucking underwater. I remember there being a serious lack back then. But I brought them with me, tucked away in my imagination, never once stopping me from jerking off in the country club pool when I had it to myself. Or running off onto the dunes during beach vacations, spilling my seed onto the blistering sand as I thought about topless sunbathers.

But now, I'm past it to some degree.

Except for that old teenager inside, wanting desperately to be totally nude underwater. Swimming in the summer sun. Sliding my cock into Violet's tight, wanting pussy, her juices providing a slickness unlike the water, welcoming me and yearning for my cum to fill her up.

And after, to watch as my juices flow out of her swollen pussy, off into the waves.

All this to say that we have a 10-day beach vacation waiting for us, less than a month away. I'll be sure to report back.