The State of Affairs.

So we've had a counter for a week. And so far, we've averaged 350 views each day. Not bad for a blog that hasn't been up for a month yet, while doing very little to bring attention to itself.

We've got 13 followers, several loyal commentators, and an amazing plug from The Secretive Slut. Not a bad ride so far.

Clearly, we've discovered that our loyal readers love looking at Violet's outrageous body as much as I do (she calls it the best ego boost she can think of, so keep it up, folks!), so we'll be focusing on that going forward, all the while continuing our stories, desires and commentary.

If you like what you see, Tweet about us. Re-blog. Share. Let others in. We like to know that what we talk about isn't vanishing into the ether. So please, spread the love as wide and lovingly as I spread Violet's asscheeks before I plunge cock-first into her tight, greedy, lubed hole.

Thanks lovelies!


  1. I love these 'pairing' pics,It's nice to see your cock dude!

  2. A nice little one-two punch, eh?