For Your Viewing Pleasure.

I've been raging horny this past week. And of a filthy mind. Why, you ask? Well, I always am, first off. But secondly, Violet and I have not been fucking.

I mean, it's summer in New York. We're busy. Out every night later than we ever set out to be. And when time comes to go home, we're both spent. This won't last much longer, as we tend to do the "really busy" thing followed by the "saying no to everything and fucking for three nights straight" thing. We starve ourselves, then feast on each other. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I've been RILED. We're talking a serious quest for some dirty porn. Just asses being worked, cocks being sucked, holes being double stuffed. You name it, I'm on it. Though with a twist; it's all arty bullshit.

Mainstream does nothing for me. Give me a real couple, working to get each other off any day. Fake tits and muscle bound cocksmen leave me limp.

Anyway, been collecting so much good stuff lately, I figured I'd share.

Cock, meet hand. Finger, meet cunt. Let's do this shit.


  1. Brilliant pix-great comments-I agree mainstream leaves me cold.
    Thanks to you-I'm staying right here!

  2. Happy to hear you've landed comfortably on us!