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We know there are lots of folks following our adventures so far. Which is amazing, considering we only started this blog a few weeks ago.

And yes, we're only just getting to know one another, but can we make a request?

Follow us.

It'll be fun, we promise. Ask our other lovely followers, they can attest.

Shit, as incentive, let's just say we've got some video we'd be willing to reveal, but only once we hit 100. Could be a long way off, but we know there are more than 100 of you reading. Perverts.

Trust us, it's worth your while.

Also, our email is posted, so send in questions, comments or praise. A few of you have already and we appreciate it. Don't be shy, we love feedback. So comment, email and follow away.

Good talk, see you out there.

Violet & Rye