Pic Friday: Poor Baby.

Just a quick little love note to the sick hubby.

I want to make you feel all better. I'll play nurse, you see.

Sponge baths.

Any kind of soup your little heart desires.

I'll make you Doctor appointments.

And make sure you get plenty of fluids.

So, let's get you all better. So we can get back to this.

And this.

And definitely, definitely this.

Feel better, Rye!


  1. Quite sure I love every picture, however, the one where he (or maybe she... hmmm leave it to our imagination.) is grabbing those ass cheeks.... yes please!!


  2. I like to imagine it's a he, but I'm good with either...


  3. I agree, its a he. And although either would be fantastic, I am thinking I would let that dude grab my ass like that.... :) just saying...