Lick It Up.

Let's just say I'm in a bit of a funk today. We all have our opinions when it comes to politics, and let's just say in this apartment, the floors slant to the left. We've both been trying to shake it, but it just sucks, any way it's sliced.

I'm trying to look on the bright side. Which means thinking of some perverted things to do to each other. Things that would gross out the bible belt. Things that are a little too much for the average bear.

So in keeping with this train of thought, I'll use this time to admit a fantasy of mine.

I want Violet to eat my come.

Now, to be clear, the slut swallows. There is less than no problem there. She sucks me down anytime I'm near that mouth of hers. Never once has she spit me out. Champion of cock sucking, this woman is.

So then what do I want, exactly?

I want her to EAT it.

Like ice cream. Like jam. Like honey. Or Nutella.

I want to unload on myself and have her clean me off with her tongue.

I want to fill a shot glass and have her wash me down in one clean gulp.

I want to jerk off on her ice cream sundae and watch her eat it with a spoon.

I want to see her snowball my come with a girl whose pussy she just ate (see earlier fantasies).

I want to spill over onto her cupcake and mix it with the frosting.

Now, I understand that for some, this is nothing. Less than nothing, in fact. Just a Sunday. And for others, it's weird. I mean, to me, it's really no different than swallowing. Sure, it's on a lag. And maybe it's not as warm. But it's eating come, one way or the other. And like many fantasies of mine I often frame it as, "would I do the same if I was asked?"

Short answer: Hell yes.

Long answer: When I suck Violet's pussy, I cover my face with her juices. I want it on my mouth, chin, nose, forehead. Anywhere I can get her slick, sweet pussy juice, I'll take it. If she could squirt, I'd drink it on the rocks. Twist of lemon. There's no amount of kink I wouldn't do with the juices her body puts out. Which is why I feel okay pursuing this one.

Also, it's been well documented that I'm just waiting for her to make me do the same, that is, eat my load from her used pussy.


  1. Don't be too down... realistically the Country was getting nothing done how it was and now maybe, just maybe Obama will come more to the middle like Clinton did?!?! That seemed to work out okay...

  2. Great pictures! I like the third one when she is eating the cum bubbles! I have eaten my hubby's cum. I jerked him off into my chocolate pudding once and ate it up. I couldn't really taste it but he loved it!...anyway great post as per usual!

  3. @Chris - I'm recovering, thanks.

    @newberry_25 - That sounds amazing. Maybe I'll make some chocolate pudding! And that sounds more than "normal sex", you should give your husband and yourself more credit. And hell, if he loved it once, he'd love it again. An ice cream sundae really beckons for it, doesn't it?