WVW: Because You Can Last Longer Than This...

Often times, when watching porn, the mind starts to wander. You start to think, "How long have they been fucking? With the cuts, it's gotta be a good 45 minutes. That can't be good. Bust a nut already!" Or is that just me?

The video is not of these two, but this kid probs shoots after mere seconds.

Well either way, we can all agree that this guy shoots his wad ENTIRELY too soon. She's just moving to a good titty fucking and he spews all over her. For shame.

Follow me down the premie rabbit hole.


  1. Cut him some slack, probably first BJ on camera and got too excited!!! Plus, we have all been there lol

  2. Fair point you make there, Chris. Maybe I just wanted to see what else she had planned for his cock.