HNT: A Recreation.

Violet saw a certain photo on a recent blog post I put up and was confused as to where the asshole of this particular lady was, or whether she just had an oddly long vagina.

She believed the shot to be photoshopped (it def is), but in order to investigate further, I suggested she recreate the pose so we could get down to it.

I took a few shots. See if you can guess from the first just which photo and blog post this is from (hint, within the past week):

She ultimately decided that, fine, it was indeed this lady's asshole and not a weird, elongated pussy. But that this asshole of hers had definitely been a bit used up.

Got it?

It's from this here post if you didn't figure it already. Bottom image. 

Oh, and enjoy Violet's ass and pussy. You'll notice it's not quite used up. Not yet anyway. I'm working on it.


  1. Perfection no doubt...Violet you make me smile every time we get a show!!!

  2. God, I know. Just makes me want to fuck it. Always. I'd never get anything done if I had my way.

  3. Gorgeous pic- I love V's ass - so peachy!!

  4. Possibly the sexiest pic of Violet!