Photo Request 1.2

And... part 2. I know you sluts were waiting for this. You think Violet can shower without getting herself off? Try again.

Oh and this is our 100th post! Congratulate us with a photo request, a dirty email or words of encouragement! What are you waiting for? Email us, slut!


  1. Simply, awesome! What a great body Violet has. Enjoying the blog immensely, guys. :-)

  2. you should do a stop motion photo shoot with 100 shots of the both of you orgasming.. to celebrate your 100th post...you will need a third to turn on burst mode.. (no pun intended)

  3. Thanks Anon!

    And Chris, right?

    Tanveer, we'll take that into very strong consideration. I'll play with my camera settings and see what happens. Might have to be used for the 200th at this point!


  4. Gorgeous!
    It's great to see Violet naked-Is that stating the obvious!
    Wonderful,wonderful breasts!

  5. Brilliant!
    I think photo requests should make a comeback,I kinda like to see Violet in a Nun's habit! Hitched up to show her wonderful ass!