Textual Intercourse.

Allow me to let you in on our life a bit. Not that nude photos and tales of filthy sex haven't let you in. But you know, something even more intimate. Into our phones.

A quick backstory on this; Violet has been under the weather lately. Which means there's a lot of this:

And she just watches. Or isn't even home to watch. And then she wallows in self pity for being unable to take down a cock.

However, as I awoke the other morning, I got this alert from V:

V: God morning, love! Meant to write a rent check but totally spaced, would you mind keeping us from getting evicted?

R: I'm so far ahead of you it's ridiculous.

V: Oh, you're the best. Would you mind also bending me over the bed and fucking me like a dirty little whore tonight, please?

R: I could probably handle that. Slut.

If you can't imagine what that would look like, allow these models to demonstrate:

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