Ball Trap.

Let's chat about male chastity belts. Is this something that folks are into? Any readers of this here blog locking their cocks into one of these puppies?

I was reading Savage Love this week and the subject came up in a reader letter. It's not that I haven't heard of it. I certainly have enough experience browsing the web for smut to know they're out there. But a website built for it? And such design going toward it? I have to admit, I was a little taken aback.

Which is why I'm putting it to you, dear reader. What are your thoughts on these steel (or plastic) traps?

I personally enjoy a good morning jerk off many days of the week, which often occur after Violet leaves for work (sadly, she heads off a good two hours before I do). With this fucker strapped on, she'd take her train to work, chuckling to herself about my inability to satisfy that urge. Knowing that my cock is hers and hers only. I have to admit to that idea making me a little hard. But certainly not enough to sell me on such a contraption.

So, whattya got for me? Hit it!


  1. I just dicovered this post and am a bit surprised that no one has commented. Male chastity is a growing fetish, in fact, it's growing beyond the BDSM community and many otherwise "vanilla" couples are practicing it these days. Some do it just as a kinky, teasing game. Others do it because they are turned on by the power exchange. Others find value in the practical aspects of ensuring a man isn't accessing his equipment inappropriately. Now days there are many, many web site devoted to the topic, as well as entire companies that provide key-holding services. Where there used to be three or four small manufacturers, there are now dozens.

    I started my journey into enforced male chastity about 5 years ago at college. My girfriend of several years was in the process of breaking up with me to date another guy and it was tearing me apart.

    Somehow I came across male chastity and the idea stuck in my mind. "If she was going to deprive me of herself, then why shouldn't she hold the key to my c0ck cage as well?"

    I bought the device, tried it out and before long realized that I loved the sensation of being constantly held, but also of being trapped. I brought her the keys and asked her to take them into her posession. She was already feeling a bit guilty for the pain she caused so she basically said, "I don't get it but, sure, if you think that will help."

    She took the keys and turned out to be a very strict keyholder. She enjoyed the power more than she thought and kept me chaste for months, well into her new relationship. Never being allowed to orgasm caused me to be at the peak of sexual frustration. That, in turn, caused me to interpret the sight of my girlfriend with her new man as highly erotic, instead of heart-breaking. It helped me feel close to her instead of discarded by her. When she finally moved away she handed the keys off to a girlfriend of hers and they've been passed down to the girl I am now dating.

    Chastity has definitely not been easy. It's been a huge learning experience and it has shaped my life in many ways. Anyone intrested should definitely give it a try.

  2. What a fascinating story. Thank you so much for sharing, for your detail and your honesty. We hope you're still enjoying the journey!

    - Violet.