Do you know what that means? You do, don't you?

Here's how this will work. We loaded the video onto PornHub earlier today, since we had a few issues with the Private versus Public settings on the one we loaded last night. It was uploaded as Private and we then planned to switch the settings to Public when we hit 100, but it wasn't allowing us too. Anyway, it re-uploaded just fine and dandy.

And now...we wait. For some fucked reason, PornTube takes 24-48 hours (according to their little post-upload notification) to actually put the video up. We'll be alerted when that happens. And then you'll have a little something to watch.

What timeline are we talking here? Either later this evening or sometime tomorrow. You guys fucking rule. Thanks for the hell of a first year and your support, comments, questions, Tweets and other shit. Seriously.

We love you perverts!



  1. Oh, for crying out loud. We leave tomorrow morning for 5 days without internets. I canNOT believe I'm gonna have to wait for this! *sigh* I know it'll be worth it. ;)

  2. Hmm. That's really not great news. For your video watching, anyway. For your fuck life,it's probably just lovely.

    Enjoy! And it'll be here when you get back. Or maybe before you leave...

    We're maybe working on something...