Rye, have you ever sucked another man's cock and if not would you? Violet, does the thought of that excite you?

Nope, I certainly haven't. Though not for lack of opportunity. We've got several friends that have nearly begged me to do so. In front of Violet. And while yes, we both agree that it's flattering, it's not something that interests me.

Though if it ever did, V and I would talk about it and she would probably urge me to try and the fact that I was into it would turn her on and maybe she'd masturbate while watching. But that's just how we are.

As for does it turn her on now? Not really.

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.

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  1. Rye, have you let another man suck your cock? Just try that for starters, see how you like it and if the dude is as handsome as you are with a handsome cock like yours, try JOing his prick to get a feel of it, make him shoot his sperm and have him just JO you if you`re not ready to have him suck you. My wife was very sexually driven and got me to suck my buds cock when we were in a threesome one day..I loved it, the stiffness, the tangy taste even drank his cum, nice..after that the wife and I would suck his cock together, so fucking hot to share a fat cock with your willing wife...no rush tho.take your time and have fun...love all sex myself..