Stocking Up.

Ah, stockings. How I've missed you. Why have you been away so long?

How can you look at this photo and think it's not just about the most perfect thing in existence? That lighting. That perfect shape. The sheer line up the back, over the perfect little hill. The way the lace clings into the crevice. The rough and soft texture of the dress pulled over it all.

This photo also reminds me that we need to prioritize getting Violet some of this clothing. For REAL.

I would live there.

I wonder what her head is doing.

Practice makes perfect. Just keep that back turned...

Oh, they ARE lovely.

If I squint hard enough...

Someone very lucky has those keys.

One of the best views ever created.

A flash looks good on no one. I'll make an exception.

I'm fine down here, thanks.

Makeshift pockets.

Someone left an impression. I can help clean it off.

Oh, torn stockings... MMM.

So perfectly pert.

You forgot the panties. It's okay.

He found it! Treasure at the end of it all.


  1. fourth from the bottom... never thought i'd be into the torn stocking look, but you two are starting to stir things up for me. YUM

  2. Don't you just love how it's spilling out? So very tasty.

    And nice to know we're creating fetishes!



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