Perfect Imperfection.

Oh, Friday. Could you be more perfect? I mean, aside from actually not being rainy and windy and humid and grey? At least it is in NY. Hopefully wherever you are, it's a bit more agreeable and summery. Have a drink for us. Get some sun. Fuck each other. Thanks.

Anyway, thankfully Fleshbot knows what we need. And Camille Crimson helped them give it to us.

Our favorite part of this little video here?
Well, aside from the perfectly luscious bosom of Camille.
And that smoking hot red lipstick.

It has to be the moment where she pulls Mike out, thinking he's going to finish in her open mouth and he's not quite there. She asks him something, looks quickly at the camera and goes right back to work.

It's moments like this that make Camille and Mike's work as intriguing and inviting as it is. They allow for those mistakes. Those moments where there's a laugh among lovers. And the reminder that under it all. The logos. And the high quality video. And photos. And press.

Under all of that is a couple that genuinely loves one another and really gets a fucking kick out of sharing that love in front of a camera.

You know, like us.

You can find that video right HERE.

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