Well, here we are. Summer.

Once again, you come around with your heat.
Your sunshine.
Your long nights.
Your parties.
And shows.
Your cold beers.
And grilled foods.
Your swimsuits.

Your renewed obsession with fucking in public.
A beach.
A pool.
A forest.
A mountain.
A car.
Or anywhere, really.

It will remind me that we somehow, with all we've done sexually, yet to fully experience one another outside the apartment. Sure, there have been dabbles.

A bottomless swim on a pretty full beach.
A skillful masturbation session on the highway.
A quick, drunk fuck in a house party bathroom.

But still, there is more to be done.

Let this serve as a reminder: Summer is here. Let's fucking DO this.

Yeah, that's right winter. Suck this!

Roofdecks. Cocktails. A slipped pussy lip. These things await us in the near future.


  1. The first time my husband and I attempted outdoor sex when we were dating went off without a hitch - college campus, under some trees near the lacrosse field at night. The second time, we'd just laid down when I looked up and saw a skunk lifting its tail in our direction... we jumped up, took off running and have been laughing about it for 13 years.
    As for more recent times, does blowing him on our cabin's screened in porch in full view of other cabins count?

  2. Weeey! I love summer and all the debauchery that goes with it. I can't decide which picture I love best, but the double cocksucking is a definite favorite...

  3. Still waiting for an opportunity to "get some" in the outdoors, just need to hunker down and make it happen I guess. The foursome (moresome?) on the beach does look like a hell of a lot of fun, I'm with barenakedlady.

  4. My greatest outdoor sex experience took place in a canoe at 3am under the stars in the middle of a large lake surrounded by cottages. And yes, we did wake someone (perhaps many people) up, haha.

  5. HOT! Love all the shared stories on here, you perverts! So glad there are others out there with an affinity for public fucking!