What Intimacy Means to Us.

As you all know by now, Violet and I are big fans of intimacy. In any shape that it takes.

Sometimes, that shape is in two hands, woven together.

Or two bodies, intertwined.

Other times, it's about sharing something personal. Lubricant or otherwise.

Or being let in on a moment usually reserved for only her.

Maybe watching your lover sleep.

But other times, it's about stuffing her wet pussy with three fingers and making that slut come. 

Who says it has to be all holding hands and flowers? Fucking and sucking can be just as intimate. 

Let's see just how it's done:


  1. I thought the penis post yesterday was the best ever, but this has topped it. Totally.

    You two are sex blog artists.

  2. I second the above comment. Strong hands are my kryptonite.

  3. @Anon - THANKS! We'd never considered ourselves to be artists of the sexual variety. That sounds pretty great to us!

    @Wife - Strong hands are fine, but fucking and sucking will do just fine as well!


  4. oh what fun in a car! digging the panty sex...that's a good question for the formspring I think.

  5. I take it you asked that one then Jessie? Good question.

    And yeah, that last one looks like a fine time for all.