A Hiatus.

Sorry lovelies, but we've had some unexpected turns in our personal life and need to focus on several things before we can come back to posting full time. There may be some posts here and there, but not the daily updates like there have been. We shouldn't be gone too long, and yes, Violet and I are perfectly fine, so don't go worrying there either.

We'll see you all soon and thanks for understanding!



  1. Well, you all share so much sexy with us that we've plenty of archives to keep us occupied. Thank heavens you posted those pictures of Vi yesterday to keep us stimulated until your return! Hope all is well and the hiatus is what you need to take care of yourselves. xoxo

  2. Shit happens when you least expected it. I truly hope you guys are able to straightening out the "turns" in your lives as painlessly as possible.

    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

    -Friedrich Nietzsche

    So what if Hitler thought Fred was da bomb. The guy was dead on.

  3. Ha ha. Thanks! We're totally fine, just life gets in the way stuff, which makes blogging a bit tough. We'll be back soon enough.


  4. and I thought i was missing out, as I have been busier than all get out. please enjoy your break.