I too love stockings, especially when they are worn out around town or to a special event. V, be honest are they really a pain to wear out and about? And are stay ups or stockings/garter belt better for this kind of thing? This is my birthday wish.

Because you asked me to be honest, I am going to be: they are such a huge fucking pain in the ass. They're infuriating, to be honest. They never stay where they're supposed to. They rip at the slightest touch, run with any false move.

Which is why I want you to understand something so vital to the female stocking experience: we do this for YOU, you guys. Because we love you. Because we love to see your eyes light up when you realize we're not wearing any panties underneath. It's because I like to watch Rye's eyes follow along as I roll them up my legs on our way out to a party. Because we love how your breath catches when you run your hands up our legs while we're wearing them. Because I can't say that I know any woman in a temperate climate who would not choose to go bare-legged. But let's be honest: it's not like you're all SO opposed to that, are you?

Stay-ups are ridiculous. If staying up is their one job, they've failed miserably. I will cop to this: I'm new to garters. I've only just tried my first. So I promise to report back once I've worn them out on the town. Perhaps you'll even get some pictures. Oh! And happy birthday!


  1. As a garter-lover myself, must say, they do help. However, perhaps it is because I am too petite, even the smallest-sized garters out there still slowly slip down my waist throughout the day.

    I used to find pantyhose a bitch, but things got better when I started wearing it with a thong- it HAS to be a thong! A bikini will cause it to slip down on your ass. Try doing that instead of not wearing any underwear. :)

    I do find Victoria's Secret's Thigh-high stockings stay up pretty well (and they are soooooooo sexy with the lace)! It was a surprise! They have this sticky, rubbery kind of band around the top so they stick to your skin. And just today, I was wearing this pair of thigh-highs from Leg Avenue and they did not roll! Oh, I was so happy that I didn't have to keep pulling them up throughout the day at work! :D But even if they do roll, folding the top over a little bit can help~

    Honestly, I wear stockings for my own pleasure to begin with. I love seeing how sexy I look in them before putting on more clothes... ;) And of course, knowing that my man loves them too makes wearing them even better! But even without him, I would still wear them just to make myself feel awesome...and no one has to know... teehee~ ;)

  2. Wow! I honestly never knew that stockings were such an issue! If the two of you are to believed, it's a divisive one at that!

    Either way, rest assured that, at least speaking for myself, we go WILD for those things. So please, like, 'em, hate 'em, just don't stop wearing them!



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