A Final Filthy Fuckers.

So, as many of you following us on Twitter know, we started a Tumblr last week or so. Yes, we finally caved. Finally.

Not for the reasons you might expect. But rather we felt like the photos we share have a right to some credit so you all can track down the photographer and see what else they might be up to. While Tumblr doesn't always lead you back to the creator, it certainly does a better job than Blogger.

Which means we'll be (yes, I know, I know) phasing out the gallery photo section of this here blog. Instead, we'll be sharing the photos we like on Tumblr instantly, so it'll be an ongoing stream of smut over there. We'll also be putting up photos of us on there, which will be tagged appropriately and simple to find.

You can also ask us questions on our Tumblr, anon or as your Tumblr avi. So, by all means, hit us up, perverts!

In the meantime, we'll be unloading the remainder of our smut on you here. Until we run down, get a load of this filthy shit:


  1. Oh my God...
    I could cry when I think about how terrible the sex was in my ten year marriage. Ten years of my sex life that I don't get back.
    Thank you guys for opening your life to strangers. I hope to find my partner, a woman who shares my imagination.

    Recently divorced but still lonely in Texas...

  2. We've certainly all been there. I myself had a seven year relationship devoid of any real sexual connection, or even frequency. So I feel you. You're quite welcome for the sharing, our goal is to show people that sex should be a fun, adventurous part of everyday life.

    And the best of luck to you in finding a partner that has the same outlook as you. They're out there!