I want to try some role reversal with my wife, but not sure how to bring it up. Any suggestions?

Can I be real with you darlings for a moment? The absolute best time to bring something like this up? After you have helped bring her to a very serious, selfless orgasm.

Make her come with your mouth, or a toy, making it quite clear that the focus is only on her. After, the two of you can focus on only you, or the both of you. Once this is accomplished, in the glow of feeling cared for, trusted and hungered for by another person, you should both feel comfortable discussing things you've never tried before. Rye could probably ask me to blow him while jumping out of an airplane in this scenario and I'd seriously consider it.

Role-reversal can mean different things to different people. I'm assuming you mean pegging or something like it? In that case, bear in mind, this can be incredibly intimidating to a woman. I was very nervous about it the first few times. But once you fall into the groove it feels amazing to give your partner a kind of pleasure they've never experienced before. That is what we're all after here, isn't it? Don't be scared off if her initial reaction isn't what you expected. Patience is such an important virtue. If you're there with her every step of the way (including buying the apparatus like a grown-up with her), she'll trust you as much as you trust her and the role-reversed coming can begin!