Top Down.

I think the photos (and captions) really do all the talking here.

Violet took one look at this and gasped. Enough said.

No offense, but your tits are HUGE. And give me a boner.

Yeah, ok.

Clear pool? Or flooded shower?

Those nipples are adorable.

Your lips. They make me want to put something there.

Yes, we're looking.

Those little hairs in her sternum are sexy as fuck.

Not usually into the hair, but I'll take anything when it comes to her.
Naomi Watts? Fuck it, I'll take it.

Yeah, that looks good in the fall.

Very patriotic, making our country proud with those tits.

She seems groggy. And hot.

MMM. Just...MMM.

I LOVE this light. Can I just say that? LOVE IT.


  1. Lovely! And Kelsey Dylan in the yellow - instant hard on!
    Hairy pits as well! Can you imagine her bush!!!
    Thanks guys!

  2. You could have stopped at the first picture cause I did! Violet should do the same pose for us! Have a great weekend my favorite slut couple

  3. I don't know who Kelsey Dylan is, and I'm not usually into hairy pits, but GIMME THAT!

    And yeah, that first is a real doozy. We could probably make that happen with V...


  4. Dude,check out the Chip Willis tumblr - Kelsey Dylan is one of his faves.

  5. Still love you guys' taste. Who IS that in the second picture?!? I want to find more of her!

  6. So glad to hear it! And shit if I know! Wish I did too though...