Feather Dusted.

Because of our general, no-nonsense, sex-should-be-honest kind of outlook, Rye and I rarely indulge in novelties. Role playing isn't really something we've ever been into. I don't own a French maid costume or a schoolgirl outfit. Not to say that these things shouldn't be enjoyed if they're what you're into, but so far, none of that really works for us.

What's bad about this? It's kept us from having feather ticklers in our sex toy collection. Thank sweet, feathery heaven that is no longer true.
The transition from summer to fall tends to put me into a bit of a funk. One afternoon last weekend, I was feeling particularly out of sorts. Rye fixed this in the best way he knows how. He tied me to the big, sturdy chair in our living room, blind-folded me and had his way with me. That clearly means different things to different people. What it means to Rye: making me come harder than I possibly think I can at least three times. With fingers, his tongue, our jackhammer-like Hitachi, everything he could think of.

But first, he dragged this tickler the length of my body, sending shivers and my now notorious goosebumps across every inch of my skin. I don't know how explain the correlation between the light touch of feathers on my neck and the instant wetness between my legs, but - as Rye will attest - it exists. This little duster has two different types of feathers in its plumage: sturdy inner ones for direct, no-nonsense tickling and pliable, whisper-light ones for the slightest suggestion of where it might go next. This was the first time Rye has ever tied me up anywhere other than our bed. I have to say that the combined exhilaration of a totally new setting, utter blindness, the tantalizing tickle of feathers and Rye's considerable skill brought me to a few of the hardest orgasms I can remember.

I have to confess, I really hope this isn't the last time we use this thing. In our rather robust collection of sex toys, there are a few things I could probably take or leave. Sometimes the simplest thing is truly the best thing, and it doesn't get much simpler than a bundle of feathers attached to a perfectly weighted handle.

*This product was provided to us free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines. If legal jargon gets you wet, you're welcome, perverts.