Swivels, Spanks, Scowls.

Thanks to one VERY helpful anonymous commenter on a recent post, Rye and I stumbled upon Chip Willis' work.

via things are a changing

Rye and I generally agree on the kinds of porn we like to watch. He found this to be a little too long and her to have a few too many tattoos. Once I scrape my jaw off the floor and change my underwear, I'll be sure to explain why he's wrong. YOWSA.

There's just something about a hot girl swiveling her hips, spanking herself and scowling at me that gets me to hit 'play again' every single time. Do yourself a favor and put this in full-screen mode. Deeeeelicious. You should probably sit down for this, honestly.


  1. Guys,I'm truly honoured you followed up my suggestion!!

  2. We're honored you suggested it!


  3. I have to go with rye here and say the tats are a tad too much or is it just that they're unfinished?

    but I wouldn't mind to see you in a vid like this v. :) and don't forget the goosebumps. :D