Another Reason to Want a Fireplace.

Could someone please bring me a glass of water? I'm panting. I'm swooning. I'm having a spell.

Everyone's favorite, orally-fixated redhead - the amazing and delightful Camille Crimson - gave us all a present to begin 2012 with our eyeballs falling out of our faces.

Our fine friends at Fleshbot absolutely lost their minds for this fireside blowie, and I can't say that we're much different. The elegance with which this woman sucks a dick is so admirable. We should all aspire to make our partners feel so good, have so much fun and look so dead sexy while giving head.

Enjoy the full video on Fleshbot because Camille and Mike care about you and want you to be happy:

Additionally, Rye would like to give an extra special OHMYFUCKINGGOD shout-out to the moment where Camille daintily spits Mike's come back out like the most beautiful fountain in the universe.

Someday maybe I'll run out of nice things to say about these two. Today is just not that day.


  1. holy mackerel-the ending! her outfit! the way he was totally limp at the beginning! i found her first, which in turn brought me to you two and i just couldn't be more happy or content with what i have found since then. the four of you are just incredible!

    1. Right? Love everything about this video! And Camille & Mike, really. So happy you found us through her, we definitely feel right at home in this little part of the internet, making sex fun, beautiful and sexy. Thanks for the lovely compliment!


  2. I just wanted to say that I love you guys!