Sorry if it was asked, but did you guys start off more sexually open-pegging, pics, blog, etc.-or did you develop it together? If you both came into it with your own kinks, how did you know you wanted to share it with the other? Or better yet, when?

No apologies needed!

We definitely began this relationship as sexual people, interested in doing sexual things, some of them vanilla, some of them a little less so. Over time, we've slowly opened up to more adventures and continued to add them to our repertoire. As someone smart once said, 'It's only kinky the first time", or something like that. Which we've found to be quite true. Pegging, at first, felt so "other" to us. But once we did it, it just feels really good and everyone should give it a go.

After all, you die at the end of this thing. Why wouldn't you want to try some shit out before that happens?

Lots of people ask us for this mysterious key about when you opened up to each other and when is the right time, and how did you do it? The truth is, we're just one couple. We are a specific make and model of person and for some reason, when combined, a very good match. We're open, trusting, brutally honest and adventurous, in all aspects of life. We talk about things as they come up, and the right time for us is probably quite different than the right time for you in your relationship. But the right time is there, so when it feels right to you, jump at it. Be honest. Communicate. Find a way to talk about what you want. If you don't, you're keeping a part of yourself back, and that's bullshit for intimacy, so don't do that.

Be good to each other, we only get the one shot at this thing.

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  1. Sometimes he's so good at writing these it makes me woozy.

    - Violet.