Since us, as readers, are usually the question-ers, and you the question-ees, do you as (wise and charming) Bloggers have any questions for us, your (dear) readers?

Oh, fine question. We sometimes try to post questions in our blog posts, with answers coming into the comments section. However, it seems it's been a while since that was the case.

How about these few questions:

-Are you here for the stories? The photos? Both? Or all of it?

-What's your top sexual fantasy?

-Are you in a relationship now? If so, what kind? Open? Monogamous? Poly? Gay? Bi? One of the countless other relationship possibilities?

Have at it!


  1. I love your blog! I'm a bi female and I have to say I'm a fan of everything you post. The videos are fantastic- especially knowing that the chemistry and content is real. I've definitely had plenty of fantasies about the both of you...

  2. Thank you so much, Anon! Your comment is totally what we are here for. Glad you're enjoying.

    - Violet.

  3. 1 - We read it for the pleasure of it all.
    2 - Mainly, any bdsm scenarios.
    3 - Kinda long to explain... well, it's me(i'm a man, btw) and kitty(my GF), she has three fiance├Ęs(Claire, Linda and Ilaria), Ilaria is married to a straight man, who accepts us but does not want to take a part in it, and Claire has another girlfriend whom i never met...
    Meanwhile i have a boyfriend(Carl) and that's all in the "family" (we do not all live together, at least not yet)

  4. Yes! All of it! I'm here for the stories, the sass, the sexiness, the photos (both of you two and of other lovelies), the openness, and the fucking love (oh, and love of fucking).

    Top sexual fantasy? Currently, I am SO digging the Assventures, both the giving and receiving. I am giddy with excitement to wield a strap-on and explore that realm with my love. So your pegging tips are not only hot but appreciated from a more, uh, technical standpoint as well. (ok whatever. it's just hot.)

  5. Anon - That's quite the elaborate setup you've got there, good on you for making it all work! And thanks for being a reader, we love having people of so many backgrounds and orientations on here!

    Coco - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love that you're here for the sass! V really brings it sometimes, love that girl!

    As for the Assventures, thrilled you're digging them and probably co-opting that name ASAP. Get on that strap-on and give it to some wanting dude, there's more of them out there than you'd think!


  6. 1. I love coming to this site because of its genuine, honest portrayal of sex, love and pornography. The pictures, the videos and the stories are arousing for all the right reasons; because the people in them are enjoying themselves, being true to what turns them on, rather than the strange pantomimes mainstream porn makers think we enjoy.
    2. I don't know if I've anything that constitutes a fantasy as such, but I think the thing I think about most when I'm turned on is the look of surprise my girlfriend's face when she has a particularly big orgasm. I guess my fantasy would simply be to see more of that!
    3. I've been with my girlfriend for about five years now, in a monogamous relationship that's going pretty well! Our sex life is a happy one, and it's great to be reading a site where sex and happiness are celebrated so openly!

  7. I found your blog from Camille - and am very particular about 'sex' based blogs that I follow since I prefer blogs that are sneak-peak into other people's lives. I am in a LDR with a lovely sexually open boy. I love to share the posts with him which gets us both turned on and ideas for later times. Also I like that we both live in Brooklyn!

  8. James - That's so incredibly kind of you to say! We love having readers like you around here. While it's great to have those readers that just want to jerk off to photos and videos, it's also great to have people that want to talk about trying to advance the sexual conversation. Which is about 50% what we're about, the other 50% being that we find it hot to do this. Congrats on the fulfilling monogamous relationship, it certainly isn't the easiest to sustain, but it's so worth it. Do you share our site with your girlfriend?

    Jemi - Hello again, Brooklyn! We love having you all up on us, and so happy to hear that we can assist in keeping a LDR hot and bothered. We've both been in those before and it's definitely really hard at times, so whatever you can do to keep those loins burning and hearts yearning is good by us. Thanks for being a reader!


  9. I agree with James, I love the genuineness of this blog. It's real. It's what I can relate to and learn from. I also love the tumblr site- it's me being lazy and you guys doing the work for me... (tekeke apologies...) Photos are mostly what inspire me on a daily basis.

    Top sexual fantasy? Oh gahz. Well, I have an indoor version: BD without SM, and an outdoor one. I often think about the scenario where my boo and I get tipsy after a night at the bar, walking down the dimly lit street, as we walk by a dark back alley, I suddenly make a 90-degree turn and pull him into the alley. I push him against the dirty, dusty wall, kiss him, grab him, as if I've been hungered for him for the longest time...and fuck him. Hard.

    Or...I force him to get red-knees underneath my skirt. ;)

    My boo and I agree on having an open-relationship but so far I haven't found anyone sexually attractive ever since I met him. I am actually not ready to have a boyfriend, but he doesn't seem to mind, or maybe I am wrong. Oh well, things will get figured out when they get figured out. :)

    <3 <3 Keep up the kink!

  10. You guys! So loving the responses to this.

    Miss Soren - So glad to hear you're enjoying the tumblr! That really is a labor of love for us. We scroll through the smut so you don't have to! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, I bet you'll get both of those fantasies yet. ; )

    1. 1> all of it is great - fun stories, sexy pics. nice to see a couple being couple together. i also like the openness of asking/answering readers questions - way better than most blogs.
      2> fantasies change over time but right now there's two. to eat my cum off/out of my wife's pussy (creampie); jerk off in front of a several topless women. i will work on the first one but kinda scared to ask. second one will stay fantasy and that's fine - love my wife solely.
      3>straight, married, monogamous. being older and having kids we're not quite as adventurous as when we were younger.

    2. Pete - thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it around here. In regards to #2, it would be hard to imagine a woman who wouldn't be delighted by that kind of request. Oh, you want to fuck me and then go down on me? Hmm... let me think. Hope you get to enjoy it soon!

      - Violet.