Her Hit List: The Updates.

Last week, a twitter pal and writer for WHACK! Magazine interviewed Rye and I. He brought up a question that we've been lucky enough to be asked by some of the most amazing people, recently. That question: what made you start Uncommon Appetites? Of course, there is our perpetually open and honest dialogue about sex and sexuality. There is also our tendency to rub our bodies against each other more than most people. But really, we can't talk about the genesis of our blog without talking about The Secretive Slut. Stumbling upon their blog, most especially their Hit Lists, is what really inspired us to belly up to the keyboard and type this thing out.

For those who haven't heard us tell this story already, a hit list is a way to tell your partner things you may not be comfortable saying in person. To put down on paper some of your deepest desires, dirty or sweet, and demand that they take action in fulfilling your every request. We couldn't resist. We loved the idea and it was the beginning of this amazing journey. Thinking about our hit lists so much lately made us think we should check back up on them. What you'll find below is a progress report. Where we've been, where we're going and the orgasms in between.

I love it when you objectify me. Staring at my ass when I walk across the room, grabbing at me in public, making me masturbate for you, peeking up my skirt coming up the stairs behind me. Your attention is one of the sexiest fucking things I could ever receive.
  • Oh man, have we ever. This has become a nearly full-time job for Rye. He's earned a merit bonus, I'll tell you that.
I LOVE it when you grab my boobs. Softly caressing them, grabbing them greedily, taking them in your mouth, rubbing your cock against them, all get me going like crazy. I especially love when you grab them while you are going down on me or I'm masturbating for you. Every 16 year old boy's desire is to just have a pair of boobs to grab. I want you to make up for lost time. A well-placed hand up my shirt makes my clothes melt off of me.
  • Rye really took this direction like a fucking champ. Especially during these cold winter months, I find hands on tits to be warmer than any blanket in existence.

I love it when you talk dirty to me while you're fucking me. Calling me a dirty little slut, your fucking cum whore, just makes me want to open up wider and take more of you in.
  • Some things, loves, do not change. He has really kept up his end of this particular bargain.
I love watching you masturbate, especially when I'm not allowed to help. Seeing you get yourself rock hard, taking your hard cock in your hands and giving yourself what you need makes my pussy instantly slick with desire.
  • I mean, do I actually have to remind you of Introducing Rye? Holy balls, can that guy jerk himself off. It looks like arts and sports and everything wonderful all combined. Into a wanking session. Have you seriously not watched this?? Go watch it.
One of my fantasies is to watch you jerk off when you don't know I'm there. I know that you are very uninhibited when you're with me, but I can't wait to see how you treat yourself when you are totally alone. I love watching the way your face changes as you bring yourself to orgasm and can't wait to do it without you feeling like all your strangest o-face ticks are on display.
  • Immediately after writing our lists, this was something we started to explore. Further research required.
I also like when it's hidden away. I want to watch you jerk off under the covers, or behind something where I can only see your face and the jerk of your arm and shoulder muscles, working away at yourself. I think it's so sexy to KNOW that you are pleasuring yourself and not be able to see it.
  • See above. I will never get tired of this.
I love it when you tie me up. I love surrendering complete control to you while you lick, suck and fuck me until I can't stand it anymore. The longer you tease me when I can't do anything about it, the harder, louder and more times I will come like a freight train. I want you to use feathers, ice cubes, vibrators, dildos, food, anything you can think of on every square inch of me to bring me to the brink.

I love being spanked. Sometimes once, sometimes fifteen times. It makes me feel dirty and delicious.
  • Gosh. This one too. We really spend a lot of time finding new ways to fuck each other.
I have come to truly love a finger in my asshole to send me over the edge. It makes me feel like you are willing to do anything to hear me scream and feel an orgasm roll through my cunt in waves.
  • For both of us, anal play has probably been where we've experienced the most growth. To anyone afraid of trying this for the first time: QUIT IT.
I have a recurring fantasy: We are in a dark bar and I am waiting for the bathroom to open up in a dark corner. You come around the corner and without a word are pushed up against me. Your tongue is shoved down my throat and your hands are up my shirt, grabbing greedily, as if you've lived on a planet without boobs for the last 28 years. At first, I'm shocked, I struggle to pull away from you, but you are unrelenting - pushing me hard into the wall as if your erection, which I can feel hard against me through your jeans could undress me for you. Finally, you can't take it anymore. With one hand still up my shirt, at once holding me back and kneading my skin under my clothes, you undo your belt, pull your throbbing cock into your hand and stroke yourself hard, your fist brushing my clit as you work. As I begin to respond, grinding myself against your hand, cock, anything I can get, you are overcome. You quickly lift my skirt just enough to get underneath, pull my panties to the side, shove yourself into my - now cock starving - pussy, and fill me with your hot, urgent cum. Shivering and sweating, you withdraw, tuck yourself back in, kiss me on the nose and return to our friends. The bathroom opens up and I hurriedly, rabidly, lock the door and finish myself off, my ass against the sink, in the dark, unable to believe what's just happened. Yeah, I've thought about that a few times, I guess.
  • I've said it before, I'll say it again: some fantasies are fantasies for a reason. This hasn't happened in real life, but you should all know that it still creeps into my head while wanking an AWFUL lot.
I LOVE when you come because I'm coming. I also love when I can feel your body say, "Fuck it! I'm coming!", grabbing my hips and pounding into me, whimpering.
  • Neither of these things will ever stop happening.
Sometimes, I like to fuck you without coming. It builds me up for next time and means that I can focus all my attention on exactly how - and when - I want to make you come.
  • Heh. I will absolutely not complain about this not happening a whole lot.
I can't wait to be comfortable enough when you take my ass to have you finger my g-spot and rub my clit at the same time.
  • Um, yeah. I got comfortable real fast.
Someday, I want to fuck you in the ass.
  • I'm not sure that either of us expected this to be such an amazing experience for both of us, or something that we would want to do so frequently. I am so happy we're here, and can't wait to find new ways to make you exclaim, "Oh my god, that feels SO GOOD."

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