What do you think about people who fantasize about other people while having sex with their partner? Is it shady? For example, Lady Gaga said Poker Face was about thinking of lesbian sex while her boyfriend went down on her. Is that common?

Fantasies are fantasies. Except when they're not. But often, it's just a fantasy, so if it helps you get off, go to it! If you're doing it because you're in a truly awful relationship and you can no longer stand the thought of the dude pounding you doing the pounding, then maybe it's time to check yourself and go try that pussy you're dreaming about eating. But there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy between friends.

After all, just because you're with someone, it doesn't mean your sexual mind halts to a stop and only thinks of that other person for the rest of your life. Couples that shame one another and get crazy jealous when the other person looks at a sexy woman/man kinda piss us off. It should be a turn-on to talk about people you want to fuck. Then take it out on each other. Just last night, while out for dinner, our waiter was a very attractive man, which caused Violet to whisper to me, "Just in case it wasn't clear, I want to do sex that man." HOTNESS.

Anyway, rant over. Keep that imagination active, it's a bit part of what keeps sex hot. And hell, maybe next time, let that dude that's pounding you know that you want him to watch you eat another woman's pussy. Watch what happens then!

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