Do people ever look silly to you as they're masturbating? Ever?

Oh yes, definitely.

via Tammy Sutra
But, I mean, that is sort of the point. If you can show me someone who has sex gracefully and looks elegant jerking off at all times, my mind will be blown. We're animals, guys. We make weird faces and strange sounds and shoot things out of our bodies when we feel our best.

That said, when someone is really, truly enjoying themselves, it's hard not to get turned on. When you hear a man or a woman come hard, it's probably the sexiest thing in the world. The thing we find the silliest is when someone is trying way too hard to sell it to the camera or convince us that they're feeling good. When you really come, we know. I mean, you know, right?


  1. You are totally right! I'm always amuse when I see myself pulling at my dick and balls in the mirror while masturbating in the bathroom.

    1. Ha ha ha. It's hard not to chuckle sometimes, right?

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