Are you going to post a video to go with those amazing pegging pictures? My boyfriend reads your blog and it would help me talk him into trying it. Thanks, I love the site!

Perhaps that'll happen someday. While we've taken a bunch of photos, which run the gamut from teasing to full-on anal, our videos are still in the early stages. So in time, perhaps.

In the meantime, keep talking to that bf of yours, I'm sure your enthusiasm to fuck his ass will eventually win him over. Then use LOTS of lube, to make sure that he has a good time and wants it again and again!

Thanks for the kind words about the blog!


  1. Before anal, is it enema time?

    1. Nope. A shower and some honesty about whether or not your ass is feeling up to it is all we need. If you're mature enough to fuck each other's asses, you gotta be mature enough to know what comes with the visit to that neighborhood, sometimes. Though we've been pretty lucky with cleanliness in our expeditions.