Do you ever look at your own videos and does the fact that you're showing yourselves off but still keep some parts (faces, tats) hidden turn you on even more?

To be perfectly honest about it, we don't really watch them all that much once they're completed (we usually watch them about 100 times during the edit and find the finished copy, without fail, totally sexy). Or at least we haven't yet. Maybe the further removed we become, the more they'll do it for us. It's weird, because we set out to make the kind of sex video that we wanted to see, but it's ultimately for others in our same boat. So we're left still searching for that type of porn we want all over again.

Violet+Rye brought to you by PornHub

And it seems like the things not shown turn you on, amiright? We keep it that way for a few reasons, but yes, the curiosity about our anonymity is definitely an aspect of it.


  1. You Video is very sensitive, do more
    have fun :)

  2. We've actually got 4 now. Go check them out!



  3. im watching a lot of porno... perhaps too :) ... this is one of the best I've seen !