V Hearts R.

Sometimes you're out at a bar, drinking with friends. Friends that don't know, but might suspect we're behind a blog like this. Maybe even this particular blog. Maybe they saw us on Fleshbot ro read about us on Camille Crimson's site. We have friends that run these circles, so you never quite know.

Sometimes when drinking with these friends in bars, there are chalkboard walls in the bathrooms. And sometimes when you go to that bathroom after Violet has, you enter to find this message waiting for you.

If I'm being totally honest about it, we definitely get a thrill from the idea of being caught. And the fun of hiding behind masks, so to speak. This kind of game played in public feels risky, fun and sexy. It reminds both of us about that secret life no one else knows about and of all those things we've done together in that secret life.

I do the same when I see chalkboard paint on walls, usually a "V+R were here" tucked away in a corner of the room. And I know V gets the same thrill when she sees it there.

So next time you're in a bar with chalkboard paint on the walls, and you see mention of a V+R, you should probably assume we've been drinking right by you.

Ah, the fun of anonymity! Such pervy, risky romance.

Also, shout out to the cock on the wall. Well played, fellow pervert, well played...