I've only recently found your blog and haven't gotten through it all (yet) but I was wondering if Violet ever squirts? I think it's really hot and I'd love to see some pictures.

Thanks for finding us! So happy you're exploring our blog. We've definitely talked a bit about it before, but V has never squirted. We've been working on trying to make it happen, with the NJoy wand, fingers, G-spot toys, the whole shebang, but don't like to put too much pressure on it. If it happens, it happens. If not, who cares?

After all, we're incredibly lucky that V can come from any kind of sex, even without any clit stimulation. So who needs squirting when you've got that?

Though if it ever does happen, there will definitely be photos. And hell, a video as well!


  1. Squirting is overrated... You guys just seem to have so much fun even without extra fluids ;)


    1. Not sure how much more intense it is for the woman, but I know my ex squirted, but was never in the mood for sex, wasn't GGG and was super vanilla. So clearly, I'll take what we've got over squirting any day. But if we can add it to the list, I'm not gonna say no!