This Must Be the Place.

Here we are. Another weekend, another lifestyle post. and yes, it's about food again.

To be fair, the last video wasn't as much about food as it was about craft. But for a product that is used exclusively for food. This one isn't even borderline, it's just straight up about food. Burgers, in fact.

But it's also more than that. It's about a business. And old, still thriving business in Manhattan. Among all the chains, the fancy new joints with reclaimed barn wood and local brews on tap. This one is a throwback. And it makes me yearn for not only more places like it, but for a tasty burger during a cold winter afternoon.

Oh, and it should also be said that this video series hits right where it counts. After all, it's named after one of our favorite songs EVER. Talking Heads, 4eva!

See you at Prime!


  1. Please keep up your terrific posts! I'm enjoying them! I want to order a knife from the other guy you featured (when I have some moolah) and I'll definitely stop by Prime very soon. I just checked out their web site. I liked their menu and their prices are very reasonable, especially for that midtown area.

    1. So happy to hear that you're enjoying them! We are really enjoying nerding out in front of you all. Hope you love Prime!

      - Violet.