Because of your anonymity, do you have any close friends that you are able to talk sex with or would you be instantly outed? BTW, I love the anonymity, it makes it so much better!

We're completely anon, which means not a single friend knows that we have this blog. If we were to guess, some people might not be too shocked to hear it, while others might be pretty shocked.

We're a really everyday couple. We really fucking like each other, love to hang at home and cook, have a very active social life and all that. But we also do this on the side.

That being said, we do talk sex with several of our friends. And most of them know that we're really into fucking each other, which makes a lot of our married friends pretty jealous as they're for some reason not really fucking all that much. So we wouldn't be "outed" for talking about sex, since sex is just sex and it wouldn't lead people to assume we also make videos and put photos up and share stories.

We've met exactly two people that know us as sex bloggers, both of them amazing women. We might add more people to that list, but it all sort of depends. It's definitely fun to be able to talk to people about what we do and why, but being anon on the blog and leading this fucking crazy and surreal double life is also kind of a blast.

Glad to hear the anonymity makes it even better for you, there's a point in the direction of pro-anon for us! Thanks for the great question and thanks for reading!

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