All of your filthy fuckers who follow you and your dirty sex quests are worried... are you two ok? I miss you and am hoping you have not given up on all us here who love your filthy fucking :) -Eve

Hello, darlings! Don't worry, we haven't gone far. Just giving the creative juices - and, er, other juices - some time to repopulate. You know, as the days get warmer and longer, there's so much more socializing, fucking, eating, fucking, drinking, etc. to be done. But don't worry, we're just drumming up some inspiration for future filthy fucking.

via Bend Me Over, of course.


  1. Thank god! I miss you two and your sexy antics, I was getting seriously worried. Hope you come back soon :)

  2. Such concern! We were only gone for three days! We appreciate the love though. And happy to be back.