Does filming your sex acts make it better? What is your favorite video? Do you use toys in your videos?

We don't film everything. Or every time. Actually, we've only ever shot a couple of videos. But when we hit 100 blog follows, we'll make one especially for you guys. And are already talking about what should be in it.

However, filming or photographing sex or sexual acts is fun because it's something different. And different is good. You can't just do the same shit all the time, you gotta break it up, make it exciting. And maybe, conjure up those feelings you had about sex before you had it. That's what keeps shit fun.

As for the videos we've shot already, yes, toys were involved in some of them. For instance, my favorite was a video where I let notes around the apartment, ordering Violet to pick one toy in particular, sit in a certain chair, and turn the camera on. She was then ordered to get herself off for me before I got home from work. And when I came home, I watched the video and jerked myself off to it while she caressed my balls. And fingered my asshole.

Unfortunately, that video was lost when my computer's hard drive crashed a few months ago. But it lives on in my mind.

So after hearing all that, why wouldn't you add a little video to the bedroom?

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