This Is What My Fantasies Look Like.

Ok. So you probably want an explanation about these taped nipples, don't you? I teased you back in the day with a taste, the shot that Violet sent to my phone.

You know, this one...
One afternoon recently, I set up a little scavenger hunt in our apartment. It was a rainy, cold day in supposed spring. We were a little bummed about not being able to expose more skin to the warming New York air.

She arrives home first, almost always, so I get to play with her remotely. In this instance, I put little signs around the house, ordering a step-by-step process for Violet's early evening.

By the door lock, a note that read, "Go to the bathroom sink."
In the bathroom sink, "Clean yourself off in the shower."
In the shower, "Use this." Underneath the note, her favorite vibe.
On the towel, "Dry yourself and go to bed."
On the bed, "Put these on." Her torn stockings.
"And make X's over your nipples with this." Electrical tape.
"Use this, but only over your stockings." Under that note, her Hitachi.

By the time I arrived home, she was three deep and fucking horny. I took these before fingering her engorged g-spot, forcing an orgasm from her that she declared, "was so good, I thought my pussy fucking fell off."

Then she tore the last hole in those stockings, exposing the entirety of her sopping wet cunt. And pulled me in with all the force in her being. I made her pay for it.

As if you forgot about the taped nipple photo...


  1. Great adventure... Love it!


  2. Why thank you! Glad you enjoyed the read.


  3. That's awesome you two pervs :)

  4. Brilliant!
    Great sexy tale,great pix-I'm moist again with pre-cum!