As we looked through our collection of saved images this Sunday over coffee, we started to get this idea about some of them that they felt like home.

We can't exactly pinpoint what it is about the images in particular.

Maybe it's the familiar objects (Chucks, Hitachi's, goosebumps on huge tits, smiles, animal prints) that makes these all feel so comfortable.

Maybe it's the vague sexiness of it all, even if it shows nothing. The intimacy that hides beneath it all. The other side of the camera being a source of trust and comfort.

Maybe it's just that they're fucking hot.

Maybe you should just look at them already...


  1. Yeah, definitely one of our favorites too.


  2. I like the goosebumps on the tits. Reminds me of me. Except without the huge tits...

  3. Re: the first picture - I just. Love pasties so much.

    - Violet.

  4. Looks like we've got an addition to the wishlist, eh Violet?

    And @Jake, why thank you!