Show Me You Love Me. In Public.

This weekend is supposed to be rainy. And cold. Which means I want all of this so much more now. I almost can't take it.

Hands free!
Watch the sand!

That looks kinda like Zooey Deschanel. Maybe I'd like her more if she did this kinda thing.

That seat really goes back far. They should start using this to sell cars. You're welcome, advertisers!

I'm guessing that water's pretty chilly?

I like that she looks kinda homeless? Whatever, get that dick, girl!

This has to be in my top three on the sexual bucket list. I also hate the term "bucket list."

With the stacked furniture, I would guess this is just off-season. And she's taking full advantage of some newfound silence.

FOCUS, damnit!

I imagine she just woke from a nap. In the warm sun. And remembered her favorite beach toy was within grasp.

God, they look fucking mean. I want to hate fuck them both.

She's scary (hot).

I just adore the lazing about, touching each other and not really doing much with it. It's like, "We'll get to something in a while, but right now, I'm lazy and handsy." This pretty much happens to V and I EVERY weekend. Except a couch instead of the sand. We should fix this.

That looks dangerous. For the Volvo.

Based on her top and the champagne bottles, this looks like a classy party. Except for the cocksucking.

I know this isn't an NYC subway train because of the TV. But can it be? Leave the TV, I'll just take her.

I love the crossed legs. And the glasses on her forehead. This reeks of everything vacation should be about.

Aren't road trips lovely?

This is basically Violet's dream. Coffee. Diner counter. Fucking. Three of life's great pleasures mashed together at last!


  1. Agreed: Could never do anything on a bucket list because it would mean endorsing the phrase "bucket list." And I'm with V on the last one. Failed to find acceptably greasy eggs this morning. Boo.

  2. Sex on the beach is my ultimate fantasy. Just lying on top of a guy, trying to mask that you're not wildly fucking, when in fact you are.

    Plus, I'd love to get a tan one day... having fair skin sucks

  3. Really love "public" stuff... the excitement of getting caught, not really the full on public. Great set of pics though. Love it!



  4. @pl - HA HA! Agreed.

    @barenaked - That makes two of us. Add in V to make it three.